Wish the important people in your life could really hear you? Wish you could hear your own inner voice more clearly? I have years of experience  helping people resolve old issues and live happier and more peaceful lives. I have a lot of experience with supporting and coaching individuals who are coping with longstanding issues, whether because of trauma, neurodiversity that can feel like a round peg in a square hole, or membership in communities that are not well supported by the larger society. I work with parents who want to help their ADHD/autistic/gifted/2E/LD children thrive to their fullest capacity.  I also work with couples and families who are working with traditional and nontraditional family configurations and choices. It can really help to find a compassionate and knowledgeable helper to support, validate, and provide guideposts as you move along your journey. This could be the right moment to seek help from an experienced therapist!

I work with your strengths. Together we can figure out how to start where you are and maximize your ability to move toward happiness and health. I have many tools in my toolkit, and I would be happy to work with you to find ways that will really help!

Help is available, no matter how long you've struggled or how impossible your situation seems. I will work with you to figure out your best solutions!

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